About Us

With technologies rocketing sky-high, We at Auradent believe in applying all the latest technologies and developments to our daily practice.

We provide the best of Dental care to our patients maintaining the highest possible level of hygiene by following stringent protocols for infection control and sterilization standards. We are equipped with the best of the class equipments which combined with our skillful doctors helps us to deliver to our patients the utmost care needed. We practice evidence based dentistry.

Evidence-based dentistry (EBD) uses current scientific evidence to guide decision-making in dentistry. It is an approach to oral health that requires the application and examination of relevant scientific data related to the patient's oral and medical health. Along with the dentist's professional skill and expertise, EBD allows dentists to stay up to date on the latest procedures and patients to receive improved treatment. It was developed to help practitioners provide the best care for their patients

At AURADENT we work from the root of the problem to give you a long term solution to all your dental needs 

We look forward to give you a smile that will last you miles